20 thoughts Bobby probably will never have

Browsing through some blogposts in the miDoggy community I got inspired to write this little post about thoughts that Bobby probably never will have. Preparing this post was quite funny so I hope you enjoy it too :)

I will never beg for your attention.

Bathing time – my favourtie time of the month. I will walk voluntarily to the shower.

I would never make me heavy on purpose so that you have trouble picking me up. I have heavy bones.

You can keep your treats. I am so full I can’t even breathe.

Playing with other dogs is my favourte thing. Can we get a second dog? Please??

Shit on the pavement? I would never even sniff at it, let alone trying to eat it.

Please don’t cuddle me. You are destroying my look.

I have no problem with walking on wet grass.

I would never admire myself in a window.

Dogs shouldn’t catch flies and eat ants. Only frogs do that.

I am a party animal.

If you throw the ball I will fetch it. Promise!

I don’t mind being alone. In fact, you should work less often from home.

Ohhhw noooo you dropped my food on the ground. Now I can’t eat it anymore.

You left the room/house and I will not secretly jump on the couch.

Can we skip the walks today? I am really not in the mood.

Cats and rodents should have the same rights as me.

I hate noisy toys. Especially this weird turkey you are always buying for me. I keep playing with it because I don’t wanna hurt your feelings.

I would never wake you up in the morning to get your attention.

I prefer to sleep alone – downstairs in the livingroom.


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