2016 – looking back on a great year

Another year has gone by and so far this was one of the very special ones because I finally had a dog. In November 2015 we adopted Bobby and this year clearly everything revolved around him. In a short period of time, Bobby became part of our family and always was more than just a dog. His pure presence changed my life for the better and he still makes me happy every entire day. No day goes by without him making me smile. Looking back at 2016 we definitely had lots of funny and special moments but as always there were also tricky and challenging moments in which Bobby’s bad health asked for extra attention. For instance the time that we:

  • found out that he is allergic to several mites which meant that we had to change lots of things in our house from the way we store flour to cleaning the house with a steam cleaner
  • Found out that he has a tumor (probably a good natured one)
  • went to several vets because of his bleeding in the urinary track. In the end the bleeding was caused by an  urinary infection through which he had licked himself so much that he had damaged blood vessels
  • found out that he had fleas and that we had to disinfect and clear the ENTIRE house. Everything that could be cleaned got cleaned…the house has never been so clean
  • had to drive to the emergency vet because Bobby was (randomly) attacked by another dog and had a wound at his foreleg

Yes, Bobby is my little problem dog but that’s ok. I try my best to keep him happy and healthy and that is all I can do. Despite all his health issues we still had tons of fun in 2016:
Starting with a little holiday at Vlieland, a small Dutch Wadden Sea Island. It was our first vacation together and probably Bobby’s first time on a boat. He managed splendidly to keep calm during the entire ride and even got cuddled buy other travelers. It makes me happy if other people like my little Bobby :) We stayed in a little house which we were very happy with. Everyday ee had nice and windy beach walks and simply enjoyed ourselves. Once we tried to let him off the leash to test whether he would come back to us when we were calling him. We learned very fast that Bobby didn’t intend to come back to us so we had an exhausting dog catching hunt on the beach. Luckily he was still some kilograms to fat so he couldn’t run as fast.




Visiting my parents in Germany
Several times a year we visit my parents who live about 500 km away from us. My parents live in a small village near lots of forests which are perfect for long walks with Bobby.

Staying with a friend
My boyfriends’ sister got married and we couldn’t bring Bobby with us. Luckily he could stay with a friend of mine. This was the very first time that we left Bobby and for it was very important that he would stay with someone I knew and I could trust. He got all her attention and made long walks. I felt so bad leaving him behind but I knew that he was in good hands and I received lots of photo’s via whatsapp. I couldn’t have asked for more.

In the summer Bobby, myself and a friend of mine drove to Monschau (Germany) for a little holiday. We stayed in a sweet, rustic apartment and explored the hilly nature. Due to unclear hiking trails our hikes were longer as planned but that did not spoil the fun. Our days were filled with eating, reading, sitting in restaurants/on a terrace and hiking.


In August we went to France with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend. The trip was very long but we made several stops so that Bobby could stretch his legs, have a snack and make a little wee-wee. Bobby loved the very early beach walks but in the end it was way too hot and not a doggy proof vacation. He does not like to go into the water but prefers to catch the small animals that were washed up on the beach.

Bad Buchau
In November we had a lovely vacation in south Germany. We hiked every day for several hours and even went to Austria for a day where we soaked up the beautiful snowy nature. It felt as if we were in Winter Wonderland and it is one of my best vacation memories ever. We went to the Bodensee and enjoyed a lovely meal after some hours of hiking. I love the combination of a good hike and nice food afterwards. There is nothing better!!!


Plans for 2017
Of course I have thought about things I want to change or try in this new year and here are my doggy related goals:
First of all, I want to learn more about dog food and if possible make fresh food for Bobby myself. I have already read some articles and bought some stuff but I need to wait until his allergy treatment has finished.

Second, I would love to go on vacation somewhere in Scandinavia – with Bobby of course. I was once in Sweden and I loved it.

Last but not least I want to keep up the blogging (1 post a week) and try to improve several things such as the writing, the layout and the quality of the pictures.

I hope that you all had a good start in this new year and that it will be a great one!

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