2018 – Year of the Brown Earth Dog!

According to the Chinese Horoscope, 2018 is the year of the dog. Not that I know so much about the Chinese Horoscope but I found it funny :)

2017 was a great year with lots of adventures, nice hikes and lots of ‘firsts’. Bobby’s first time to travel by train, his first time to play with toy ropes, the first time that I build a dog bed from scratch, the first time we slept in a tent, our first hiking vacation together, the first time that Bobby had an operation whilst living with us…the list goes on and on!

I can’t imagine what the new year will bring us but I have some plans which, when becoming reality will be super awesome! Last year I started a dog health coach training and I really enjoy it. The training lasts 3 years and this year I will get some practical knowledge by doing small internships at dog schools and attending seminars. I can’t wait to visit different dog schools and see how they train the dogs and what kind of philosophy is behind their training methods. I enrolled in three seminars for the end of this year which each will last a week. We have to bring our dog and will practice with dog anatomy, how to examine a dog, test the fitness of a dog, setting up training plans for dogs etc.

Of course, I am a bit nervous because it’s all so new to me but I really enjoy learning more about dogs and get to know how dogs learn and why they learn/behave in certain ways.

I also want to learn more about dog nutrition. Since I am making the dog food myself I already did some basic research but I want to learn more. More details, more scientifical facts…The next couple of months I will probably share my new insights and experiences here on my blog. I will continue baking delicious and healthy dog cookies and we certainly will report back about our hiking fun!

I hope all the dog lovers will have a (p)awesome 2018, with lots of wet doggy noses, doggy kisses, and doggy cuddles!


Julia & Bobby



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