Who is writing?

Hello, this is me and my fluffy Bobby,

about-fotoAlthough not my native language I write in English to not only practice my writing skills but also to make it accessible to my German as well as Dutch friends and family.

I started this blog in 2016 with the idea of sharing my experiences of living and caring for a dog. As the title already states I believe in mindful dog care which means not only being aware of how you are treating your dog, how your life with your dog looks like but also what the consequences of your decisions can be. There are so many dog books out there, opinions and research that caring for a dog seem to be some kind of science only the really smart people can understand. We are getting told that you need the most expensive food, toys, and other dog related items in order to be good dog “parent”.
Being aware of all that can help you to become mindful of the present. What are your dog and your gut-feeling actually telling you?

Keep it simple, be patient and listen to your dog!

In November 2015 we adopted Bobby, a Bosnian stray dog. Age and breed are unknown but he is probably between 5 and 6 years old. Now, after living with Bobby I know what it means to care for a dog. I have learned so much about dogs and I love to read everything about them. To share all this, I started this blog.

I am certainly not a vet nor a dog specialist, so everything I share is based on my personal experiences and my dog health coach study at the ATM in Germany. Nevertheless, I think that it is important to take time, love into your dog and be aware of your behavior and choices.

Enjoy reading!

Julia & Bobby


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