Backpacking in Skåne (Sweden) – Part 3/3

An unexpected Journey

After our little waterpomp problem the previous day at S Hultarp, we were happy to continue our hike the next day with enough water. Little did we know that this day would become the longest hiking day of all. The day started quite rainy so we decided to take a little shortcut which in the end would save us 5 kilometers. After having hiked an hour in the rain we came across an information board of the trail and wanted to check were we were. It took us a while to realize that we actually did walk the wrong way all a long. By making a shortcut we made a mistake at some point and walked the trail the way back which meant that we were hiking back to our sleeping place in S Hultarp…so stupid hahaha. Someone didn’t want us to make a shortcut so we got punished immediately. We had no other choice than walking back 4 kilometers to Hallaröd. Luckily the rain had stopped.

We hiked on the road for some time before we could continue in the trail in the forest. I get easily bored hiking on roads so I was glad to finally hike in a forest again. The forest however was rather dark and not so beautiful compared to the previous ones, but apparently you could find rare mushrooms (I didn’t). In the forest we met an Italian family (who did find the rare mushrooms). They were lost and didn’t know which way to go. We showed them the location on their map and explained to them how they should hike to reach their destination which meant – hiking back. They weren’t very eager to hike back (I knew how they felt) and in the end they decided not to listen to us. I don’t know why someone would wanna continue walk the wrong way but hey – it’s their decision. I really wonder what happened to them. I mean, there really was no other way they could have reached their destination… At least, meeting the Italians kept me mentally engaged which made it easier to hike through this boring forest.

Finally, after having walked 11 kilometers we arrived at our sleeping place, a shelter at a lake called Dagstorpssjön. The shelter was placed right next to the lake so you had a great view. We sat down and made some food. There were no mosquitoes but the wind was very strong and I felt chilly due to simply sitting there and eating. All of a sudden an older man around 70-75 years with his dog came to the shelter. He visits this place often to (voluntarily) clean up all the waste people are leaving there. I found it very nice of him to do that and wondered how the place would look like if no one would clean it. He had a dog with him too, called Nanook which is Inuktitut for “polar bear”. The dog didn’t look like a bear but at least was as white as a polar bear. Bobby seemed very intrigued by this female dog and tried to get her attention. Nanook on the other hand was searching for old BBQ sausages that people had dropped on the ground. She likes the black ones the most. Hans (that’s the old mans’ name) told us that he has met his wife here at this lake. He comes from Malmö and met her during the summer holidays at this lake. He had picked some flowers for here and then they got married (that’s what he told me at least). What do you learn from this? Think twice before you decide to pick some flowers for a nice girl. You never know what you are getting yourself into. He told us some more stories about this place and gave us some bonbons. After Hans had left I was so cold that I wasn’t in the mood to set up the tent. We had a look on the map and decided to continue hiking to find a warmer sleeping place.

We hiked and hiked but I didn’t find a place I felt comfortable to set up the tent. I am not sure why but I had a strange feeling during the entire hike. I just didn’t felt safe to sleep there. So we continued hiking and hiking – in the rain. It got a bit late already and we really had to find a place to set up the tent but it just didn’t felt right. At that point my boyfriend already had made a plan and 20 minutes later we were sitting in a bus driving from Frostavallen to Höör. The bus was very big and you had lots of space in it. In Höör we bought train tickets to Åstorp. Dogs can travel for free in the train and they have special train compartments where dogs are allowed. The train was spacious, as the bus, and we had a nice train journey. It felt weird to travel so fast and covering so much distance in such a short time. It took us almost two weeks to come so far and now, in about 30 minutes we were back at our starting point.
On the train a father with his 3 (?) year old sun was sitting opposite us. The boy was sitting in a pram and was obviously scared by Bobby, who didn’t even look at the child. Being trapped in the pram the boy tried to escape – without success. The father (talking in English) tried to convince his sun that Bobby wouldn’t do anything – without success. The journey continued – the whining of the boy, too. When we got up to leave the train the boy was relieved that Bobby would finally go. Whilst standing at the door, waiting for the train to stop, the boy, who know felt more safe having all the space between him and Bobby, started to “bark” with an angry face at Bobby. Both, the father and I started to laugh and he joked around that Bobby would come back to get him. The boy, however didn’t believe him and continued barking at which point I let Bobby walk a few steps in the boys’ direction. The boy’s eyes widened and he started to scream. We left the train and the father kept laughing.
We walked to our car, drove to a supermarket and then back to Krika Skog were we had slept a few days ago. Despite the ticks and mosquitoes we had enjoyed ourselves at that place so we decided to spend another night there.

Campfires and the Measles


After a goodnight sleep in Krika Skog we drove to lake Odensjön in Röstånga to spend the day. It was a warm sunny day, we played games and played with Bobby at the lake. In the afternoon we drove back to our tent and started a little campfire. The wood was still wet but we managed. Bobby wasn’t afraid but also not interested in the fire. He just lay next to us and enjoyed the evening. This was by far the best night. Before it got dark we went into the tent to play some more games – Bobby dozing off.

During the night I had to go to the “toilet” so I left the tent. After a few seconds my whole face was covered by little insects who were starting to bite me. I did my business, got bitten everywhere and ran back to the tent as fast as I could. It was pitch black and I had to protect my face from the bugs the entire time. Back in the tent I saw that my face was covered in small red painful dots…as if I had the measles….

The last Day – getting lost and climbing Rocks

It was our last day and I really wanted to see the westcoast. We packed our stuff, filled up our water bottles and drove along the coast seeing cute little coast villages. It was a sunny day and we were looking for a place to sleep. Although we could travel faster and further by car it was more difficult to find a suitable sleeping place. Having no internet made it a bit more complex. We found a shelter at the beach in Domsten but it wasn’t equipped with a canvas and we weren’t allowed to set up our tent there. We drove further to Kullaberg were we decided to have a little walk. Kullaberg is a beautiful nature reserve with beautiful cliffs and a great view over the ocean.

There was a cave you could see so we decided to walk to the cave. Walking was not what we did…we had to climb (big) rocks and carry Bobby because he couldn’t jump that high/low. What in our mind, was supposed to be a nice walk to a cave ended up as a little nightmare. The cave was just 5 meters long hole in a wall in which you barely could turn around…pretty boring. Getting to the cave was difficult enough…but leaving it and climbing all the way up the hill was even more difficult. To make it worse, we didn’t know how to even get back to the top of the hill. We couldn’t find any marks and so decided to “just” climb our way back.



Bobby was very brave and did so well. At some point my boyfriend had to climb a wall with Bobby in both of his hands, leaning with one side of his body against a stone wall. Making one wrong move he would have slipped and they both would have fallen down. Honestly, I have never been so anxious in my life. It was already 6 o’clock in the evening when we arrived back at the top. It did take us 2 hours to climb to the cave and back. Not sure where to set up our tent we drove to a camping nearby and spent our last night there. It was so nice to have a shower again and all the other facilities. Bobby got all the attention from the other people at the camping and I was a proud dog “mommy” again. The next morning we had a little walk nearby the camping and we met this metal cat.

During our entire time in Sweden we only saw one cat and this one. Bobby, as usually when seeing a cat, tried to chase it but to his confusion this particular cat didn’t bothered at all. He jumped to the cat from different angles in the hope that it would react and run. He even gave it a little (but irritated) push with his nose – hopeless. In the end he gave up, frustrated and confused.

These 2 weeks in Sweden were incredible. I have never had such a divers holiday, experiencing and seeing new things everyday, meeting nice people and their dogs, exploring new places and simple wander around. Hiking most of the day gave me plenty of time to train Bobby and his leash walking skills improved immensely. Spending so much time outdoors does not only brings you in touch with your own body but also strengthens the bond with your dog. Can’t wait for our next trip!

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