Because of my dog Bobby I am..

Since I remember I always wanted to have a dog. Most of my friends had a dog but I was never allowed to. When dreaming about having a dog I never had a particular breed in mind. Any dog would have been fine! (Except for that mean and scary neighbors’ dog.) Maaaaaaaaaany maaaaaaaaaany years later I finally was able to take a dog into my life and I was (and still am) the happiest person on earth. Bobby’s birthday (aka the day he came to live with us) is approaching and I realized how much Bobby did bring into my life. For a lot of people a dog is just a dog. And I think that’s kind a sad, because for me Bobby is so much more.

Because of my dog Bobby I became a:

  • Cook: I make his food myself and therefore have to buy lots of meat and organs even though I am on a vegan diet.
  • Baker: I try out lots of different cookie and muffin recipes. Most of them turn out great and I get quite creative with them. Now I can bake without having to eat anything myself :)
  • Cleaner: Never before have I cleaned a house that often and thoroughly. Although the cleanliness never lasts long it’s something I put quite some time in it. I even own a steam mop…yes it is that serious.
  • Builder: I have built a dog bed from leftover pallets. It took me (& a friend) some hours the result is great (foto is on Instagram).
  • Protector: Bobby isn’t good in reading other dog’s faces so I often have to do the job for him to protect him from those crazy doggy’s.
  • Hiker: Never before have I walked so often and long. Bobby motivates me to go outside and explore nature.
  • Aromatherapist: Although quite a newbie to the field I made several sprays and oils based on essential oils. Most of them really work.
  • Geocacher: because with a dog by your side everything is so much more fun!
  • Dog masseuse: yes, you read correctly. I own a book which explains everything about massaging a dog and it is truly great. Bobby enjoys it.
  • Photographer: although being a real amateur, because of Bobby I even started to take pictures on a regular basis
  • Blogger: this blog would never happened if not because of Bobby and all the cool things we are doing and learning

I could probably go on and on but the point is…my dog made me do lots of things and I am loving it. I have learned so much by living with and caring for a dog which I would have never done without him. Deciding to take a dog into your life can bring you more than you would have ever imagined. So be open and let your dog teach you ;)


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