Better be safe than sorry!

I always do my best to give Bobby that healthy, happy and warm life he deserves, however last week I realized that there can be situations in which I will not be able to be there for him and I felt completely unprepared. Due to our work we (mostly my boyfriend) have to travel regularly which means that we are away from home for a couple of days. Although I don’t mind being home alone I am very glad that I have Bobby who always wants to cuddle or go for a walk. The house certainly feels less empty and I am a bit less scared at night. Last week my boyfriend was away for a week and one evening I suddenly got quite ill. I felt so weak and sick that the only thing I wanted to do was to go to bed early. However it was only 18:00 and Bobby still had to go for a walk. Skipping the walk wasn’t an option and having a walk so early in the evening didn’t seem to be right either. So I lay on the couch waiting until it was 20:00 and then went for a walk. I was so scared that I would get sick during the walk but luckily it was already dark so nobody would have seen me anyway. The fresh air made me feel a bit better and I stopped behaving like a silly child. So what! I felt sick but I still wasn’t going to die and I still was responsible for this little fella. In the end I managed to walk a proper 30 minutes after which I went to bed with a clear conscience.

The next day I already felt a bit better and I started to think about the night before. It was just bad timing to get ill whilst being alone with Bobby but what would I have done when something serious would have happened. Braking my leg for instance or getting hit by a car? What would have happened to Bobby. Who would go for a walk than? Who would feed him and give him his medicine? I have never thought about such situations and I started to feel really bad and irresponsible. What was I thinking the entire time?? Having a dog but no emergency plan…
As always when I need to know something I immediately went on the internet to get to know what other people are doing in such situations and I was astonished that I have never heard of it. There are all different kinds of emergency cards and emergency pet keyring tags and I had nothing!!! This was just ridiculous. So I decided to make some preparations for a (temporarily) situation in which neither me nor my boyfriend would be able to care for Bobby. I started with Home alone pet safety cards and emergency stickers. On the internet you can find all different kinds of safety cards such as the Shake Paw’s Home alone pet safety card or this Dutch version (both can be downloaded for free).
Since we both have no family who lives nearby I will ask two people whether it is ok if I write their name and phone number on the safety card. Both people already know Bobby which makes it easier. Both my boyfriend and I have three cards in our wallet (two friends and one with his/my name on it). I will also place two cards in our car, you never know. Additionally, I bought two safety stickers for our front doors which, in case of a fire, inform the fire department that a dog is living here.
Probably, after reading this post you either think I have gone completely mental or you got inspired to be prepared for emergency situations that hopefully never will happen!!!

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