Bobby’s Christmas presents 2016

I love buying presents for my dog as long as they are healthy and useful. However, I am not a great fan of the pet shops nearby. They sell brands which I don’t feel good about (think of snacks that contain sugar or byproducts and their assortment is very limited. Healthy snacks and biological and/or organic products are very rare and difficult to find so I started browsing the net and I found this very nice online webshop called EKO4petz and I got enthusiastic about all the products they are selling. Usually, I prefer shopping in a real store over online shopping because you can see what you get in real life and maybe even ask some questions about. However this year I bought most of Bobby’s presents online:

I am not completely satisfied with his current shampoo so I wanted to try a completely new brand. In the past he had, due to allergies, lots of skin problems which still are not completely gone. I came across this natural shampoo for sensitive skin called Animal Nature Shampoo and I am very excited to use it this week. The shampoo contains lots of different herbs such as menthol, basil, rosemary, marjoram etc. and I like the smell of it. Don’t sure how Bobby will like the smell but he doesn’t like being washed anyway.
I love that the product is not tested on animals and that its ingredients are vegan. The bottle as well as the shampoo are biodegradable and it is made in the Netherlands. Seems to be a very environmentally friendly product which I gladly spend my money on. I also saw that the bottle has a squeeze dispenser which makes it easier to apply the shampoo with one hand. When bathing Bobby it is a constant struggle to keep him in the shower so I need to have at least one hand free. He gets so grumpy that he even refuses to eat his favorite treat.


CLeaning wipes
I never understood why someone would need cleaning wipes for a dog. I mean this surely is something the dog industry made up to get more money. Aren’t cleaning wipes made for baby butts? However, recently I started to see why they could come in handy. For some reason Bobby gets a greasy dirty bum (let me call it poop leftovers). I am not sure why but it I need to clean his butt several times a week. Usually a take one of his towels (yes, we have towels that only Bobby uses), make it wet, put a tiny tiny bit of shampoo on it and try to scrub everything clean again. Now, although this is not a very glamorous task it works and I am fine with it. However, when being on vacation or visiting someone things can get a bit more complicated. First of all I do not only have to take a towel with me but also some shampoo. Second, what should I do with the smelly, brownish colored towel? (I exaggerate a bit) I mean, at home I can throw the towel my washing pile or clean it immediately but when on the go this isn’t a very convenient choice. So, I decided to give those cleaning wipes a try and ordered Organic Oscar Aloë Vera Wipes.
As the name already says the wipes are organic, don’t contain soap and parabens and they are not tested on animals. Like the shampoo, the packaging as well as the wipes are 100% biodegradable. I have already used some of them and I really think that they come in handy when on the go. The wipes are especially made for the sensitive parts such as eyes, ears, paws and their bum.



The above mentioned presents make me way more happier than Bobby so I am not sure whether they really count as Bobby’s presents. However the following two snacks will make his little dog snout water. Currently Bobby’s diet is based on venison meat (next year I want to start making his own food but we first have to wait until he has finished his allergy treatment). I couldn’t find any venison snacks in petshops nearby so I was very thrilled when I saw the rather big collection of dog snacks with venison.
I couldn’t resist to buy these venison truffles. They are bigger than I was expecting but they look tasty. Venison meat has a very dominant and strong smell so I had to hide the snacks immediately because Bobby could smell them through the parcel haha.
I also got some trainers which I can take with me during walks.

Christmas bandana
This is probably the most useless thing I have ever bought for Bobby but I couldn’t resist to get something Christmassy for him. This little bandana is adjustable in size and I think that he will look even more cuter than usual hihi eeeh hohoho

Since this is the last post before Christmas, Bobby and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas

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