During the week I am the first one who gets up. My boyfriend and Bobby are still sleeping and I try to leave the bedroom as quite as possible without hitting my toes or knees or shin at any furniture. Sometimes Bobby tills up his head to have a look what I am doing but goes to sleep immediately after I petting him on the head. In the weekend I always allow myself a little lie-in which makes Bobby my furry alarm clock. The moment I move under my duvet he will see it as a signal that I am awake and ready to pet him before going outside for a nice morning walk. After a long deep stretch he comes with a wiggling tail to my side of the bed trying to get attention like this:
First he just stands their looking at me. Then after 2 seconds he comes closer, puts his soft little head on the matrass or my cushion whilst breathing excitedly in my face which (A) makes me open my eyes and see that the hair around his little snout becomes more and more white or (B) makes me turn my head as quickly as possible to avoid his dragon breath. If I react as described in option B I know that I have failed and that I shouldn’t have been so lazy. Although lots of people actually think that dogs are supposed to stink out of their mouth – this is definitely not true!!! Just likes us, dogs shouldn’t have a stinky breath and should have clean teeth every day.

To keep his teeth but also his general health as good as possible I clean his teeth 6 to 7 times a week. I suppose that during all his years as a street and shelter dog nobody cared for his teeth. In general his teeth are quite worn down and two of his teeth are very badly damaged. He came to us with a gum inflammation which luckily healed without having a surgery. I myself am terrified of going to the dentist and I try to prevent any tooth related surgery for Bobby. This motivates me to clean his teeth every evening before we are going to bed. I even placed his toothpaste in our bathroom so that I can’t forget it.
When I first tried to clean his teeth he didn’t like me touching his mouth, got nervous from the toothbrush and was more than disgusted by the flavor (and smell) of the fresh smelling peppermint toothpaste that I have bought. There was no way that the peppermint toothpaste would stay in his mouth so I went to the shop again to by a liver flavored toothpaste (ugh!) I don’t understand how something smelling like liver could improve the smell of his breath but I tried it anyway. To my great surprise he loves the flavor so much that he would eat the entire tube if I would let him. The only thing that remained difficult was using the toothbrush. His gums are so sensitive that the tiniest little stroke with the brush would lead to bleeding. I even tried human brushes for baby’s assuming that they were softer but that didn’t work either. By the way, never ever use human toothpaste, they are extremely unhealthy for dogs. Looking for a new solution I found anti-plaque fingers for puppies. The anti-plaque finger is made of microfibre and is very easy to use. Bobby isn’t scared of it and lets me clean all his teeth whilst trying to lick as much toothpaste of the finger as possible. To prevent this I put toothpaste on two fingers, one for him to lick and another one to actually clean his teeth. It’s like a little game and I am glad that cleaning his teeth is quite easy.

It took me quite some time to find a toothpaste that worked well. I tried different ones from the brands beaphor and bogadent but both didn’t convince me. I couldn’t see any difference although I cleaned his teeth regularly and his breath remained bad. After searching on the web I learned that enzymatic toothpaste is great in preventing tartar building. I have to admit that the name “enzymatic toothpaste” sounded a bit weird but after reading about it it actually sounds very good. Currently I am using the Virbac C.E.T. enzymatic toothpaste with liver flavor. The brand has several flavors to offer and I am very happy with it so far. Apparently, the toothpaste contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase which makes it antibacterial. Since I use this brand Bobby’s breath improved dramatically (despite his occasional poop snacks). I also believe that his teeth got a bit more white. Bobby absolutely loves the toothpaste and I found this the best toothpaste so far.

Which brand(s) are you using and what is your experience with it?

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