DIY Paw Wax

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I really enjoy making snacks and toys for my dog. Besides writing on this blog it gives me the opportunity to do creative, fun stuff which I lack in my daily work a lot. This weekend I tried something completely new – making paw wax! I have to moisturize Bobby’s paws on a regular basis so making paw wax myself seems not only fun but also useful. Usually I use coconut oil or Vaseline (especially if the paws a very very dry or need some extra protection). Both products work perfectly fine but I just got excited to make a dog product myself.

I found this easy peasy recipe on the internet and got VERY excited. Despite being the simplest recipe ever it took me some time to get all of the following ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil (which I already had at home), avocado oil, calendula oil and optional dried calendula flowers.

The avocado oil was the only ingredient I could find in a regular supermarket (Albert Heijn, Netherlands) and it’s price almost blew my socks off! 9 Euro for 250ml, seriously if this isn’t super healthy and moisturizing I don’t know. Avocado oil has a very thick consistency and smells very tasty. It doesn’t brake down at higher temperatures and therefore keeps its many health benefits. By the way, the leaves, bark, skin or pit of the avocado contain a toxic substance called persin. The oil however isn’t toxic to dogs because it is made out of avocado meat pulp so they will not get ill after licking their paws.
I couldn’t find calendula oil and dried calendula flowers in any shop nearby so I ordered them from the internet.Calendula oil has a bit of a funny smell and I am not sure whether I like it or not. It is distilled from marigold flowers and helps to soothe sore skin. Perfect for dry dog paws.
Same with the beeswax. You can’t imagine how excited I got to order beeswax. I found a website that gives beekeepers in the Netherlands the opportunity to sell their products on the internet. I got a bit too excited and ordered 500grams of biological beeswax which is way too much, but oke. Can you imagine that bees make this stuff to build the foundations of their hives? So impressive! Beeswax is used in many natural health products due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergic and moisturizing functions. It nourished the skin and protects it from harsh environmental factors (think of chemicals in the winter or dryness and heat in the summer).

To make the paw wax:
– Melt the beeswax in au bain marie (hot waterbath). The bigger the beeswax chunks the longer it will take.
– Add all the other oils and stir well.
– Fill the liquid paw wax in jars or recycled lids and let cool down (or add some dried calendula flowers) for about 20 minutes.

If you want to make paw wax for your entire neighborhood use 190 grams of biological beeswax, 100 ml coconut oil, 100 ml avocado oil and 100 ml calendula oil. As you can see I got way too much paw wax so I will give it as a gift to friends.
After the paw wax is cooled down it is ready to use. You might see that the paw wax will change in color and get a bit The higher the purity of the beeswax the easier it will get a bit of a cloudy layer. This only happens with very pure untreated beeswax and is a good sign actually.

Bobby luckily approved of the paw wax and I myself am very happy with it too. It smells a bit sweet and the texture is very soft. By combining beeswax and the different oils you get all the nourishing, moisturizing, healing and protecting stuff in one little pot.

Have you ever made paw wax yourself? If so which one? What products do you use to moisturize and protect your dog’s paws?


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