Frosty doggie walks in Usedom

When going on vacation we take Bobby always with us. I couldn’t enjoy a holiday knowing that Bobby is missing me (which he actually does!).

Last week we went to Usedom, the second biggest island in the Baltic Sea. If you enjoy long beach walks this is the place to be. Dogs are not allowed in all parts of the beach (they have dog beaches) but during the winter months, nobody cared. I was happily surprised by the cleanliness of the beaches. No waste to be seen!


This was also my first time seeing ice and snow on the beach. During sunny winter days, we enjoyed lots of frosty beach walks…


Although Bobby got tempted to chase some rabbits in the dunes we managed to do some basic obedience training on the beach. Of course, I had to bring the frisbee for some playtime. This was also the first that I saw Bobby chewing on a stick. He never did this but I guess the salty taste was interesting to him?

We “climbed” the highest “hill” of Usedom which is 69 meters hahah. The hike took as along the cost so we had a very great view upon the ocean.


Greifswald is a beautiful, small and homey city with beautiful houses which we also payed a short visit. After a little stroll through the city we walked next to a river (Ryck) to a small village called Eldena wich also has a great beach.

All in all, there are lots of different hiking trails in and around Usedom. Dogs are not allowed in touristic places such as musea which can make it a bit difficult. You can easily travel by train with your dog by paying extra. Due to its clean beaches and great nature, I found Usedom a great place to go with your dog!



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