Fun Day on the Beach & Frozen Coconut Hearts

Last weekend my dog Bobby and I had a little “play-date” with a friend of mine at the beach. Our journey started in Heerlen (the Netherlands) were we hopped on the train to Maastricht which is a 30 minutes’ drive. It was Bobby’s first time on the train but he did really well. Luckily it was pretty calm in the train so we had lots of space. The automatic doors were very interesting and he always kept an eye on them.

In Maastricht we got picked up by our friend Martine and together we drove 2,5 hours to Cadzand (The Netherlands). To make it more fun Bobby sat with us in the front. Usually, when driving in a car he has the trunk for himself but that day we drove with Martine’s car which wasn’t big enough. Since, Bobby is an easy going dog the drive went very well and he did seem to like it there.

I have never been to Cadzand before but Martine told me that it is a great place to search for shark teeth. For me, the mission of the day was to find at least one tooth but that was more difficult than I had expected it to be. You have to look for tiny shiny black pieces in the sand and after a while I actually found two!!! Once you start looking for them you can’t stop. It’s quite an obsessive activity haha
Isn’t it amazing that you can find fossil shark teeth??? I wonder how old they are. I found the two smaller teeth myself but the big one was a present from a guy who knew much about Fossils. He had a small shovel and had found pretty big ones!
We couldn’t resist to have some photo shoots in between our shark teeth search so here are some of the very cute pictures



Since the beach wasn’t so crowded I have put Bobby on the long dog leash to train retrieval and his general attention towards me. It was so fun and exciting to see that he actually followed me and listened to my commands. Of course I had to pay him back with treats but still! This is quite some progress for us and I hope that I will be able to train him more. He walks quite O.K on the leash but still is too occupied with the environment. Bobby is a real hunter and every scent is more interesting than me. This is our biggest challenge but we will get there.

Later that weekend I made a very simple treat which is perfect for warm summer days. You only need melted coconut oil, fruit and an ice cube mold.

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