Getting a breath of fresh air – holidays at the Dutch seaside

Two weeks ago we packed our stuff and drove to a small village in Frisia (northern part of the Netherlands) called Moddergat (mudhole when you translate it). The place indeed was muddy, especially on rainy days but that didn’t spoil the fun! Bobby, not being a big fan of water nor muddy paths wasn’t as amused as we were but hey what can you do. We stayed in a small holiday house within a stone’s throw of the sea! Every morning we started with a long walk at the wadden sea and on the dyke. We saw the most beautiful sunrises and every day the wadden sea looked different due to the tide. Whilst we were enjoying the fresh salty air and the sounds of the water and birds, Bobby was on a mission to find the best Mussels. He must be some kind of gourmet because he really took his time to choose a Mussel. The way he held the mussels with his paws whilst biting it open looked so professional that it seemed that he knew exactly what he was doing. One time he even walked through the mud in order to get a Mussel. That must have been a VERY delicious one!

Nearby where two harbors from which you could visit two of the wadden sea islands ‘Ameland’ and ‘Schiermonnikoog’. Going to the wadden islands is one of my favorite things – I just love the trip on the boat, having a snack and a hot cocoa. Bobby always stays really calm on boats which makes it very easy. On a sunny day we went to Ameland which took us about 45 minutes with the regular boat. ‘Vlieland’ is by far my favorite wadden sea island but I was impressed by the big sandy beach on Ameland. Bobby always gets very excited when he sees a sandy beach. For some reason he loves to run and play on the beach. The sea is only a sideshow for him. After a lovely lunch at ‘Sjoerd van Ameland’ where I ate the BEST poffertjes EVER we walked on the beach and through the forests. Unfortunately, the forest on wadden islands are highly populated by rabbits which are Bobby’s number 1 animal to chase followed by cats and squirrels both on the second place.

During our holidays may parents came to celebrate my birthday! We had lots of cake and luckily no rain so we went to seal rescue center in Pieterburen. There are only two rescue centers in the Netherlands and together they rescue weak and ill seals. After a few days/weeks the seals can go back to the sea and be free. We had a guided tour and I loved it/ Of course it is sad to see all the ill and weak animals but here they are safe and can stay until they are healthy enough to be free again. Did you know that it costs about 3000 Euro to rescue one seal? Currently there are 122 seals living in Pieterburen so providing food, shelter and medicine is very expensive. That’s why I went a bit crazy and bought lots of merchandise to support their work such as a t-shirt, a bamboo toothbrush etc. This is a bracelet that is made out of recycled fishing nets. Sometimes seals get stuck in old fishing nets that are left behind in the sea and they get very bad cuts around their necks. This company collects old fishing nets and other waste material one can find on the beach and makes beautiful sustainable products out of them. I really really love such initiatives and gladly spend my money on their products.


All in all we had some relaxing days filled with nature walks and dog cuddles. As always during the holidays, Bobby got even more spoiled than normal and I think that he will need some time to adjust to our regular workweek schedule.

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