Holiday fun in south Germany

I was so excited to have some time off work and go on holiday with my boyfriend and dog Bobby. We drove to a little village in the south of Germany which was about 600km away from our house. During the week we hiked a lot, had a little dog emergency and even walked through a little snow “storm”.
For me, going on vacation with a dog is a completely different thing than without a dog. Before Bobby lived with us, I would pack my stuff and that’s it. Now however I have to pack Bobby’s stuff, too and think ahead what he might need in that one week. You never know what might happen. I don’t know how other dog persons deal with this entire “going-with-your-dog-on-vacation-thing” but I just take everything with me. Needless to say that Bobby has his own travel bag. Traveling by car gives you lots of freedom but it also discourage me to travel light. I just pack everything I or Bobby might need. Better be safe than sorry. You might think “why on earth does a dog need so much stuff?” and I have to admit I would think that too, wouldn’t it be for Bobby.

What is in Bobby’s travel bag?

hygenic food supplies
medicine op stap

First of all we have two towels (a fleece one and a normal one). Towels are always handy especially with the wet autumn weather. After each walk/hike I have to dry Bobby off. Since he isn’t that big, his belly gets wet and dirty every time. I also packed two types of brushes, toothpaste, two types of toothbrushes, a sponge, a kitchen towel and dish soap. I need the last three items to clean Bobby’s drinking and eating bowls. In case of any emergency or if I need to give Bobby a paws-bath I packed iodine betadine. Last but not least, I took the coconut oil with us. In my last post I wrote about all the different ways coconut oil can become useful read more about coconut oil
One of the most important items…Bobby’s food of course! Before we went on vacation I measured how much food he will need and stored it in an old try out food bag (I packed two bags of food in total). A measuring spoon can be a very easy way to measure out the dogfood however I always check the amount by measuring it via a scale to be sure that he doesn’t get too much food.

Stuff I also have to take with us is all the medical stuff Bobby needs and might need. His allergy drops and injection liquid are needed, the other stuff such as the first aid kit, the thermometer and honey cream are just for small emergencies. Additionally, I packed two different leashes, treats, poop bags and of course his passport. I also packed a toy (the little linen sack in the bottom corner). I left his favorite dog toy (the ugly squeaky turkey) at home so that the other people living in the apartment wouldn’t get crazy. The little linen sack can be filled with treats. Bobby doesn’t quite like to retrieve things but I likes getting snacks so we’re working on that.

Getting anxious?
When packing all the stuff we needed for the vacation, Bobby got quite confused. He wondered what we were doing and why I collected all his stuff and put it in a bag. Usually Bobby is interested but calm however this time he got more and more restless. After our evening walk he immediately ran to the packed bags checking whether they still were there and when going to the bedroom he lay in one of the corners which he never did before. I got worried but didn’t know how to explain to him that everything will get fine and that we will take him with us. Have you experienced this before? After a very restless night and a very stressed Bobby we finally got in the car to drive to our vacation apartment. Luckily Bobby slept calmly most of the time during the ride, occasionally looking out of the window. It melts my heart if he sits in the back of the car, watching out of the window. He looks so cute and I always wonder what he is looking at. Bobby loves to sit and just watch. He also does this on balconies and windows at home, especially if people or cars are crossing.

Dog emergency at night
Usually, I look up different vets that are nearby our vacation home before going on vacation with Bobby. I scan their websites and try to see whether they are reliable, modern and good….usually…this time I didn’t. I knew that we would have internet in the house and if something would happen – which probably wouldn’t anyway – I can look up a vet in the internet. You can imagine how terrible I felt when Bobby was bleeding from his penis and I didn’t know who to call. I didn’t know why he was bleeding, it happened never before and it was Saturday night in a village in south Germany. I didn’t know what to do first, look up a vet or clean up all the blood and comfort Bobby. Luckily I wasn’t alone so I told my boyfriend to look up a doctor so that I could stay with Bobby and clean up around him. The bleeding didn’t stop and Bobby had pain. Fortunately, they were several vets nearby so we just picked one and called. Turned out, the veterinary practice was closed years ago but they hadn’t changed that on the internet. What a bummer..desperately I asked the lady whether she could recommend a vet and she could. Immediately I called the recommended vet who told me that it probably isn’t anything too serious and that we could come the next morning at 10 o’clock. After a while the bleeding stopped and Bobby fell asleep. Worried my boyfriend and I went to bed too, in the hope that indeed it was nothing serious.
The next morning Bobby seemed so much better. He hadn’t lost any blood during the night (which I was very scared about) and we had a nice morning walk before driving to the vet. The vet was 25 minutes away and we made it even though the street was blocked and it was very misty outside. The veterinary practice was huge and the people were very friendly. I felt that Bobby was in good hands and I was so so happy that we got an appointment at this practice. In the end, you never know but we left with a good feeling. It turned out that Bobby had a urinary infection due to dirt in his crotch. Since he had surgery at his penis, the chances were higher that he got dirt in his parts. Due to the infection he licked himself more often which in turn damaged some small blood vessels, hence the bleeding. He got antibiotics and after a week everything should be fine again.

Exploring different places

Most of the time we were lucky with the weather and had wonderful hikes. We had some nice walks around the Federsee and went to a fortress ruin in Singen Hohentwiel. After our long hikes Bobby slept most of the time or looked at himself in the mirror xD We also went out dining quite often. There is nothing more rewarding than having a nice meal and dessert at a restaurant, especially if it isn’t that expensive. Compared to the restaurants in the Netherlands, German restaurants are way cheaper!! The waiters were always very kind and brought water for Bobby.

Winter wonderland
One day we spontaneously decided to ride to Austria in order to have a nice mountain walk at the Sulzberg. It had snowed that day and I was thrilled. Snow makes everything better and I couldn’t stop cheering. After super nice snowy morning walk and 20 photographs and a small breakfast we started our trip. The drive took us about one and a half hours which was oke. Our car had some troubles with the mountains but in the end we arrived save in the village of Sulzberg. Only a few weeks ago we have bought new car wheels which I was very glad about know. Although the streets were free of snow it just feels safer to have good wheels.
The moment we stepped out of the car it began to snow very very hard. This wasn’t what we expected. Due to the heavy snow we also couldn’t see were we should go and where the hike started. I also completely forgot to take a photo of the “storm” but this was the last thing I was thinking about that moment. Luckily, it stopped snowing after about 10 minutes otherwise we would have cancelled the whole trip. Walking through the snowy landscape made me feel so free and happy. It was the best feeling ever! Bobby ran and jumped through the thick high snow. It was a funny sight. Occasionally he popped his head in the snow to find out what was beneath it. After the walk he had small ice balls hanging under his belly and at his hind legs.

We had so much fun and I will think back to this day with a warm heart.
All in all we had a very nice and relaxing vacation with lots of exercise. However, I have to admit that despite all that it is nice being back home again!

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