How your dog can benefit from coconut oil!

I always have a jar of coconut oil at home and take it with me on vacation since I discovered the various benefits of coconut oil. Coconut oil can be applied in so many different ways that it makes most of other dog products such as expensive (and mostly) unnatural conditioners and creams unnecessary. I think, that every dog owner should have coconut oil and use it for his/her beloved dog.

When buying coconut oil I always make sure that it is cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil in a glass jar. Compared to cheaper coconut oils, cold pressed oil contains more nutrients. Coconut oil reacts with plastic and therefore isn’t as healthy as coconut oil that is stored in a glass jar.

What makes coconut oil so healthy?
Coconut oil improves the immune system, due to its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal activity. Additionally it supports the digestion and intestinal flora. All in all a very healthy supplement to your dogs’ food but there is more to it:


Coconut oil is good for your dogs’ skin

When bathing your dog you can use coconut oil as a “conditioner”. Apply coconut oil on your dogs’ coat and massage it gently into the skin (leave out the eye area). Wait a few minutes so that the skin and hair can absorb the oil and then rinse it out thoroughly (I use a mix of water and shampoo to rinse it out). Be not too generous with the amount of coconut oil otherwise it will take a long time to wash it out properly. If you don’t wash out the oil properly, the coat will look greasy. The oil does not only moisturize the coat but also your dogs’ skin. Bobby had some issue with his skin in the past. Hotspots, red and dry skin (noses) can be treated with coconut oil in a natural way, too. It is also said that the smell of coconut oil puts off ticks and fleas.


Coconut oil pedicure

I have also applied coconut oil on Bobby’s paws and nails. Massage the oil gently into the paws and nails. Keep in mind that the paws get very soft and thus slippery so don’t use too much of it. Bobby had some struggles to walk up the stairs after a coconut treatment. Nails get shiny and moisturized which is excellent if your dog has dry and broken nails. After a coconut treatment I always have to distract Bobby because he tends to lick the oil off his skin.


Coconut oil tooth paste

Bobby doesn’t like it if I have to brush his teeth and I think that during his life in the shelter nobody taught him that tooth brushing is nothing to be scared off. He hates the taste of minty tooth paste but rather prefers the ones with liver taste. Luckily he likes the taste of coconut oil which makes it easier to use it as tooth paste. I just put some coconut oil on the brush and clean his tooth and gums gently. Due to its antibacterial characteristic it is a great way of cleaning your dogs’ teeth in a natural way.


Coconut oil pill pocket

There are some pills Bobby really doesn’t want to take in. Last week Bobby had to take some antibiotics which he didn’t liked. Luckily I had some coconut oil with me so I broke the quite large pill in two and smeared some (cold) coconut oil around it. To make Bobby think that he would get something nice I first let him lick the coconut oil off my hands and then placed a coconut pill pocket in my hand. He just licked it off my hand and gone was the antibiotic. This is a very very easy way if your dog likes to eat coconut oil. An advantage of hiding the pill in coconut oil is that Bobby doesn’t chew on it but immediately swallows it. If he would try to chew the pocket he would discover that a nasty tasting pill was hidden inside and he would spill it out. Therefore it is important to make sure that the pill pocket is small enough (hence breaking the pill in two) and that the coconut oil is still quite solid.


Coconut oil cleaner

After playing in our garden, Bobby regularly has tracks of resin in his coat, sticking hairs together. Unfortunately we cannot remove the trees in our garden nor overcome that Bobby doesn’t play under them. To detangle the hairs I apply a bit of coconut oil which makes it very easy to remove the resin and comb through the coat. A very easy way that doesn’t cause any pain or stress to your dog.


Have you ever used coconut oil or other oils for your dog? I would love to read your experiences!





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