Muddy boots and Paws welcome

Last Sunday, I decided to have a lazy Sunday and simply enjoyed the grey, chilly slightly wet weather. Before we went outside I decided to make his doggy bed a little more cozy by adding some cushions and a soft grey mat (one of the first items I bought him). During the warmer months of the year he does not need cushions and warm fabrics but in the winter months, he likes to snuggle. He always gets a bit upset when I remove his mats to wash them just like today when I tried to make his bed even cozier. I think he appreciates it anyways haha.

After a slow start of the day, Bobby and I continued to have slow walks. If it’s up to Bobby he would sniff at every corner, under every leaf and follow every track. Therefore, I often intervene and bring him back on track. Otherwise, I would be never on time for anything. However, today I let him do his thing. I let him sniff and search as long as he wanted and just enjoyed the day. We had one of the best walks together and I was glad that I did bring my camera.

I love that we live in a country with different seasons and I enjoy every one of them in their own ways. Today the sky was rather grey but occasionally you could see the sky. The sun was nowhere to be seen and it felt as if we were the only ones outside. That’s why I love these days so much. You can wander around in thick boots and a warm jumper, forget everything and just walk. Everything looked so peaceful and calm. In spring and summer these places are crowded with families and dogs but during the muddy and grey days, no one wants to be outside. That’s when I enjoy nature the most! Christmas is around the corner and I can’t wait for the snow to come.

I also love the fact that I can trust Bobby more and more. Although I will probably never walk with him off leash in a forest I don’t feel so scared anymore to let the leash go. If he sees a rabbit or squirrel or roe I still have to grab the leash to control him but all in all, we are making big progress. In parks where there are no cats he can walk off leash fine but in the forest, I prefer the leash.

Usually, I train on a long leash but mine isn’t that suitable for wet weather. I will probably write about my experience with long leashes and what I like/dislike about them in another blogpost.
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