My dog poo bags dilemma

Bobby is in his own special way a very smart dog. He definitely knows what he doesn’t want and can find quite creative solutions to avoid (in his eyes) unpleasant situations. Like most dogs, Bobby doesn’t like being around his own poo (which is why I don’t understands how sniffing, licking and sometimes even nibbling at other dogs’ poo is perfectly ok). The instant the poo is dropped he marks the ground and off he goes wasn’t it for me who would keep staying next to the poo, unfolding a poo bag and taking the thing with me. Bobby hates it when I pick up his poo because that means for him some extra minutes next to his poo (one of the disadvantages of walking at a leash). But it didn’t took him long to find a solution for his problem.

He recognized that I would only pick up those poo’s that he had made at the sidewalk, in  front of other people’s front doors etc. but would leave the ones on the grass behind. From that point on, Bobby decided to only poo on the grass or in bushes – problem solved. Until I received a letter from the municipality with some coupons for free dog poo bags. Our municipality started an initiative to keep the environment clean, by giving dog owners free poo bags. At first I was very enthusiastic about this initiative. Poo bags aren’t that expensive but nonetheless it is nice to just hand in a coupon at the supermarket and receive a roll with 100 poo bags. Whohoo! You certainly are saving money which you can spend on other stuff for your dog. I never enjoyed buying poo bags because you just throw away your money. You buy them to throw them in the trash. Therefore, I used poo bags only if necessary. However, since I got the poo bags for free I started to pick up every poo. It is not because of the fine you get when being caught, (which by the way is quite high: 140 Euro) it is more the fact that I don’t pay for it so why not? Although I indirectly pay for it since I pay dog tax.

I am not quite sure whether our neighborhood indeed got a no-dog-poo-zone but I see more and more of those poo bags in the trashcans which is a good sign. Stepping in dog poop is very annoying and indeed has a negative impact on the appearance of a neighborhood. Since I get the free poo bags I always have enough bags with me and I automatically pick them up, even the smallest little thing. Bobby got and maybe still is quite confused and doesn’t understand why I started to pick up every poo again. Picking up the poo, walking with a filled poo bag and throwing it in a trashcan feels good – being a good citizen you know? Sometimes I even enjoy it, especially if my fingers are freezing and I feel the warmth of the dung hahaha Yes judge me, my boyfriend things that I am crazy too! Although i started to pick up every poo again, Bobby still  poos most of the time on grass and even seems to prefer it. If possible, he holds it in until he sees grass, runs to it and starts his business.

However, since a couple of weeks I enjoy using the coupons less and less and that is not because I only have 4 coupons left and don’t know whether I get new ones next year. No. It is because I started to think about the waste I am causing. The plastic waste which we as humans already are producing too much off. I always try to be nice to our environment by adapting my lifestyle in certain ways. Every time I use the car instead of my bike or a train I feel guilty because of the extra pollution and other waste I am causing. So, having a dog friend doesn’t mean that I want to cause more waste. Using 3 to 4 poo bags every day doesn’t feel right…in a year I approximately use 1460 poo bags! That’s insane, I mean…

I am not sure where this leaves me now but I am certainly thinking about it. Even if I would buy biodegradable poo bags it wouldn’t make any change would it? In the end, I throw them in the same trashcan with all the other waste. The poo will not be used to make compost…ok it would be a small improvement I guess, because I would buy and use less plastic but again it will end up at the same trash pile. Of course I could also go back to my old habits and only pick up those poo’s that really are in the way. But what is in the way? What if the meadow I regard as a place where dog poo is allowed is used by children to play at? Who am I kidding, nowadays children aren’t playing outside at meadows right? *joke* You know what I mean…

Since I have no solution to this problem and still don’t know what I can or will do about it I will use all my coupons and then decide what it will be. Maybe this can be something for my New Year’s resolution 2017?

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