My Etsy Shop!!!

Happy Monday Everybody!
I want to start this week with some exciting news!! A few weeks ago I started a little project alongside my blog: my very own Etsy shop!!! I was and still am so so excited. Although my shop is still in its infancy I would like to share it here on my blog.
The idea of starting an Etsy shop was something I thought a lot of the last couple of months. I read a lot about natural dog care and started to make some big changes when it comes to my dog. Gradually I changed his dog food by making it myself at home from fresh natural ingredients. I stopped buying commercial dog treats (unless they are made of high quality all natural products) and made them myself. In the upcoming months I also want to change the hygienic products I am using such as shampoo’s and tick prevention by making these myself. Someday I also would love to make his toys myself. Making all these natural products and seeing how much Bobby loves them I started to think on sharing them with others who are interested in healthy, natural, hand-made dog products.

Currently, my shop is quite empty and I have to figure out some technical stuff such as how to translate the product descriptions myself instead of using the (crappy) automated translation. But everyone has to start somewhere. Each product that I will share in my Etsy shop will be described here on my blog. I will share with you how I made each product and explain how you can make them yourself. Almost all of my products will be made on-demand which means that you as a buyer will receive fresh products, be it treats, supplements or other products (don’t want to spoil the fun). This also means that the products will have slight differences. Of course they will look as the product on the picture and they will all contain the ingredients that are listed on the side but being handmade also means that they are originals. Each package will contain some information on how to use and store the product and a little surprise.

In the upcoming months I will spend some time on making new products so keep tuned :)

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