My first Hirtengold order

Healthy, all natural dog treats are not easy to come by in the Netherlands. Lots of them contain sugar, byproducts or preservatives. Most of them are also too hard and therefore not suitable for dogs with bad teeth such is the case as my dog Bobby. In Germany there are several brands that sell natural fresh food such as the Hirtengold company which was founded by a young woman who wanted to give her dog only the best food. So she decided to make the food herself. The meat in her products comes from local farmers and the cookies are made in a bakery nearby. All products are fresh and I admire her success and idea so I did a small order to try out three different treats that she is selling.

Immungold (Immunegold)
These small balls are real immune boosters. They contain venison, buckwheat, goji berries, moringa, propolis and echinacea. Before I bought this product I didn’t know that most of these ingredients even existed but my friend google helped me out. The ingredients support your dogs’ immune system in various ways are therefore in my eyes the perfect treats. Healthy and tasty!
The cookies come in this cute linen bag and smell a little bit sweet (although the smell isn’t that strong). Bobby enjoys these rather crunchy treats and is able to eat them despite his damaged teeth. I already ordered a second bag however I wouldn’t recommend them as trainers due to their size and consistency.

Weiderind mit Dinkel (Beef with spelt)
These cookies come in a handy paperbag that is kind of resealable. You can see that they are made in a bakery and not manufactured because they all come in different sizes. The cookies contain (as the name already says) beef meat and spelt flour. Nothing more! How cool is that? (I can get really excited about these things)
You can brake them in smaller pieces and due to their quite soft consistency they are actually quite handy as trainers.

Hirsch mit Kartoffel (Venison with potato)
These funny shaped treats made of venison meat and potato look (at first sight) like giant popcorn. However, they are way harder and crispy. Bobby actually had difficulties to bite them through and I struggled too. Don’t worry I didn’t try to eat them (I am a vegetarian) but I tried to cut them through with one of our very sharp knives that belong to my boyfriend and which can cut off your fingers and your hand! Once you get your boyfriend to do the job for you, you see that they actually are very airy inside.

I am so glad that I tried out some of the Hirtengold snacks. They deliver to several countries so if you want to treat your dog some healthy snacks I can recommend this brand. It is so fascinating how people can make their living out of healthy dog food and treats and I really enjoy supporting such people by buying their products.
What is your favorite dog treat brand and why?

Julia & Bobby

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