Naturally scented sachets for you and your dog

Hello my fellow doggie friends!
This week I want to share with you a nice way of adding a little bit of spring into your and your dogs home by making cute scented sachets. There are so many different ways of making scented sachets and they make great gifts. Just have a look on the internet and you will find lots of inspiration!
I got lucky because when my mother heard that I wanted to start some sewing projects she gave me her sewing machine. To get the hang of it I stated making scented sachets which sounds easier than it is.
Scented sachets are a wonderful and quite easy way of using lovely essential oils and dried flowers or herbs in your home. Personally, I use scented sachets in the storage box where I keep all of my dogs bedding and towels. This way they keep fresh and smell wonderful! You can also use them in your own closet or in your car for example under your seat. Depending on the oils and/or flowers you are using they are a great natural way of refreshing the air in your car. However, keep these scented sachets away from your dog/animals if you think that they might like to chew on them. Dogs enjoy nice smells too! Since I make my own scented sachets I really smell the difference of naturally scents and the chemical ones which most of the time give me a headache. By making them yourself you can choose the scents you like and decide how strong the scent will be.

The way I did it you will need:
– some fabric you like
– a sewing machine
– scissors
– needle and thread
– rice
– dried flowers and/or essential oils

Step 1: Choose and cut your fabric

square fabric

Choose a fabric you like and cut it into squares (for example 12cm by 12 cm). You can go completely crazy and combine everything you want. Making scented sachets is also a great way of using leftover fabric. If you choose to combine different types/colours of fabric, keep in mind to that they are of the same thickness. Also, the more elastic the fabric the more difficult it can be to sew.

Step 2: Start sewing
sewing fabric

Take two squares and sew them together with the right side facing inside!!! Start about halfway through one side where you will leave some space for the opening. Don’t forget to backstitch the first centimeter or so (I forget this all the time!). Leave the opening big enough to flip and fill the sachet.

Step 3: Make it look nice

Now your sachet will look something like this but to make the edges look nice and pointed you want to cut of the edges (carefully). Flip your sachet and be proud of yourself! You are nearly finished. If your sachet looks as crumpled as my one just iron it a little bit. Whilst ironing try to straighten the opening because this will make it easier in the end when you have to sew up the opening.

Step 4: Choose the scents

essential oils

There are so many options when filling a sachet. You can use dried flowers, herbs or make a combination with rice and essential oils. The combination of scents seems endless so try different thinks to figure out your favorites.
I went for a combination of rice, dried lavender and the essential oils of lemon, citronella and peppermint. I like my sachets to have some volume so I use quite a lot of rice.

Step 5: Sew it up

The last step is to sew up the opening. Choose a thread with a color you like or a color that matches the fabric. I used the ladder stitch but as you can see need some practice to make it look nicer. On the internet are great video’s in which the ladder stitch is explained.

I really enjoy making these little sachets and you can make them as difficult and beautiful as you want. For know, I will keep practicing with these simpler versions.

Have fun!


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