Product test: Vegetarian Dog Treats

I LOVE buying things for my dog and I also really like to try out new things. That’s why I decided to buy a bunch of vegetarian & vegan dog treats but don’t worry my dog gets his daily portion of meat. I just wanted to add some variety to his treats and just so you know, I am (unfortunately) not sponsored by any of these brands or the webshop I bought them. I am a regular client at this web shop and simply bought the treats myself :)

1. Puffed Sticks

I have never heard of them before but these medium sized sticks made from cottage cheese smell delicious! They come in a package of 3 which makes them a bit too pricey for my taste. These sticks contain lots of healthy ingredients such lotus bean (which gives the nice sweet smell to it), buckwheat, coconut oil and so on. On the package, it says chew sticks but Bobby didn’t really chew on them. He just bit chunks of it and then chewed on the pieces. All in all, he really enjoyed them although they didn’t last quite long. A good thing is that the sticks are not sticky and they do not leave traces behind on the floor.


2. SOOPA Healthy Bites

Again, a completely new product for us. Small, flower shaped snacks made out of organic kelp and apple. Grain free and low fat. These treats look soft but they aren’t which is why they are less suitable for training sessions such as obedience training. It takes Bobby too long to swallow them. Due to their texture, he keeps chewing on them before swallowing. Although he likes eating them I am not so sure whether I will buy them again. You will find the same treats with other flavors on the internet but I really liked to try kelp. Apparently, it is super healthy and makes it a healthy treat for dogs that have to keep an eye on their weight.

3. Jeffo biscuits

I bought two different packages of Jeffo biscuits and I love them! Both, the Jeffo’s minis and the Jeffo Bella cookies are grain free and don’t contain preservatives, salt, sugar or flavour enhancers. They are made in a dog cookie factory (I WANT TO WORK THERE) in Germany. Their size makes them great for training session, they are easy to have with you in a pocket without leaving greasy traces or make your trousers smell like animal organs. Bobby likes them and they are healthy, too! Again, on the internet, you will find these cookies in various forms and tastes and I will definitely buy them again.

4. Churpi

Now, this was certainly the most exotic treat I have ever bought. Churpi’s are all natural snacks made from Yak milk. Apparently, yak milk and Churpis are consumed by people in the Himalayan. The milk is almost lactose-free and makes a healthy chew treat for your dog. Churpis are very very hard and therefore excellent for dogs that need long lasting chew treats. Bobby had quite some difficulties chewing on it and although the rock hard Churpi gets a little bit softer whilst chewing on it, it can be difficult for dogs with bad teeth. You can buy Churpi’s in several sizes depending on the size of your dog. Although Bobby had difficulties he kept chewing on it, maybe because of the cheese flavour it is said to have? It will probably take Bobby years to finish this chew treat but hey – an investment good made haha. I wonder how long it will take a dog that is used to proper chewing…


Veggie treats video

I made a little unpackaing video together with Bobby. He is so cute and did great on the taste test!

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