Tick prevention on dogs

Everybody has heard of them – ticks. If you ask me, tiny nasty and evil creatures. What is their function/purpose anyway? Bu than again, what is the purpose of us humans? We aren’t angles either. Did you know that ticks are no insects?? Maybe you did but for me this was new! They fall under the arachnids category (parasites/mites) which of course is completely logical due to their 8 legs (unless they are still youngsters than they have 6 legs). Although I have fed lots of ticks in my life I have to admit that I never payed much attention to their legs. I was too creeped out by the fact that they were sucking my blood out of me.

Like me, Bobby is very tasty for ticks and last year he had at least one tick a week. I am really not exaggerating here and you know what? Dog ticks are even more horrifying than human ticks. If you don’t detect the tick immediately they can grow as big as a pea (yucky!) I don’t know why some dogs get more ticks than others but I hope that he will have fewer problems this summer. Until know he luckily never got sick from a tick bite but since last summer we tried out two tick protection products.

We started with a fluid application from Frontline. Every 30 days you have to put drops on the skin between the shoulder blades. The fluid itself has a quite dominant smell which evaporates very fast. We used Frontline for a couple of months but stopped because it didn’t work as promised. Our vet said that Frontline works very well for some dogs and for others not so it is difficult to say beforehand. Some ticks could also got immune to the Frontline fluid.

Not being sure which brand to try next our dog walker gave us the advice to try out the Scalibor protectorband. You just put the band around your dog’s neck and it will work for 6 months. The band is adjustable in size and doesn’t smell at all. Depending on the size of your dogs´ neck, you cut off the remaining band so it doesn´t get in the way. Tip: Don’t throw leftover bits away but place them safely under your dogs bed. You can even put them in your vacuum cleaner bag where it will kill any leftover ticks. If you take it out of the package it feels a bit stiff but the dog’s body warmth makes it flexible quite fast.
The Scalibor protectorband works definitely better than the Frontline one. Bobby got less ticks and those that we found on him were already dead. The protectorband releases an ingredient which spreads (through the natural body oil) across the entire body. They say that it even works when the band gets wet. I find it very practical that the band lasts 6 months. This way you only have to replace it once a year. Because ticks can survive in a mild winter, Bobby wears it all year around.
My only concern with this protectorband is that I don’t know whether it is unhealthy for him to wear. The fact that it kills ticks and keeps them away means that it isn’t as harmless as it looks.

Natural tick protection?
I don’t wear tick protection at all so maybe my dog shouldn’t either. One option I would love to try out is natural tick protection. On the internet you can find lots of different things such as lavender oil, (apple cider) vinegar, garlic and herbal powders….

I would love to test one of these natural solutions but don’t know which one to try out. Do you have any experience with natural tick protection? Since Scalibor seems to work I want to be sure that a natural solution works too before making the change.



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