Vet bedding for Bobby

Recently we discovered that Bobby is allergic to several mites. This meant that we had make some changes in our house and one of them was Bobby’s bedding. The dog beds Bobby was sleeping on where cute and soft but not practical for a dog with allergies. They were difficult to wash and in some cases I could only wash the cover but not the cushions itself because they were made out of foam. So I went on the internet to find new dog bedding and I came across vet bedding. I have never heard of vet bedding before and was pleasantly surprised about the low price (compared to previous bedding we had).

On the internet they described vet bedding as soft and easy to wash. It is made from polyester and they say that it looks like sheep wol. The bedding can be washed on higher degrees and can be bought in various sizes. You can choose between different colors, thinkness and anti-slip. I was very enthusiastic about vet bedding and bought 4 beds (1 big one for in the car, and three smaller ones for the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room).

vetbed Bobby

When I first got them they were quite stiff but very very soft. Bobby loves soft materials so this was a big plus. After a short snuffle Bobby luckily approved of his new bed. I exchanged all his old bedding with the vet bedding and was very happy. When lying on his vet bedding Bobby always looks very comfortable. Although they look thin, the material is quite thick. The bedding keeps the warmth but doesn’t get wet which is quite nice for this colder weather. I don’t know whether the vet bedding gets too warm in the summer but we will see.

Although the bedding is made from polyester Bobby’s hair doesn’t get static which is very handy since Bobby has long hair. To clean the bed I vacuum it two times a week and put it in the laundry once a week. To fit into my washing machine I have to fold the bedding but that’s ok. After being washed at 60 degrees the bedding gets less stiff but unfortunately also less soft which is a bit of a shame. However it still holds its shape and dries very fast. Being able to wash his bedding so easily and at high temperatures makes it very suitable for his mite allergy.

I can highly recommend vet bedding for dogs with (and without) allergies. They have lots of advantages and are easy to take with you on vacations. What is your favourite dog bedding?

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