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This week I am turning 26 years old and I did a bit of reflecting..thinking about what I did and experienced in all these years. Over the years I changed in many different ways but I would say that getting a dog changed me faster than any other live event. I always enjoyed reading, drawing, exercising and being outside but growing up, getting my first job and buying a house brought and end to most of my hobbies. I couldn’t find the time or energy to exercise regularly nor the creativity to start a new drawing project. When reading books I tried to escape from reality rather than relaxing and enjoying the book.

Getting a dog (with all the responsibilities) in a time where I felt quite stressed and low in energy didn’t seem to be the most logical choice but in the end it was exactly what I needed. This happy ball of fur is the reason I started doing what I enjoyed to do and even more. I started things I could have never imagined and I am loving it. This entire blog wouldn’t exist if not for Bobby. Same with my Etsy shop project (still in progress). I just got inspired and found some new creative hobbies. I even started to draw again. I loved books even before I could read. Fantasy stories were the only books I would buy but know I even find joy in reading informative books about dogs that teach me how to massage my dog.

As a child I played outside all day long but over the years I lost the interest in it. Randomly walking outside seemed stupid and pointless. Who knows what for creeps I could come across in the woods? With Bobby however all this changed and we regularly go places and just walk around for the fun of it constantly discovering new paths and places. The walks with Bobby are not only a good exercise but also a welcome break from all the work stress (reading emails, replying to emails, reading and writing articles etc.). I get a chance to clear my head, get some fresh air and enjoy the moment.
Our vacations got much more exciting too because we put more thought into the destinations and accommodation. They must be dog friendly and surrounded by lots of nature which always results in super nice hikes.

I started to appreciate my experiences more and I try to capture them all. Making pictures of our happy and special moments and saving them in a little photo album was something I always wanted to do but never did. Now, I almost filled an entire photo album with all the special moments we three had together. It is so nice to grab the album and look through the photo’s reliving these sometimes small but candid moments.

Being responsible for a dog also made me a more responsible person. I clean the house more often and thoroughly and only buy organic cleaning supplies. I go to bed early and wake up early. I schedule my days better and live with the seasons. Walking a dog at least 3 times a day makes you very aware of the weather. Before having a dog I never spend much time on thinking about clothes or the weather.
I also spend much time thinking about the food and treats I am giving him. You might be surprised how unhealthy the majority of the regular pet shop dog treats are. Trying to have a healthy diet myself I also want to provide my dog with healthy products which often results in baking the treats myself.

Getting older and growing up is both scary and exciting but all I can say is that I love the improved version of me. And I am quite confident that without Bobby, I wouldn’t be as happy and satisfied with me and my life.

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