Wood Pallet Dog Bed

Renovating your house does not only result in useless construction waste but also gives you some great materials which can be reused to make awesome things – such as a dog bed! We had this huge pallet lying around in our garden and I really wanted to make a dog bed out of it for a long time now. This weekend I finally decided to it and together with a friend we made this cute dog bed. It turned out bigger than I thought (123cm long and 73 deep) but fits perfectly in our living room.

I didn’t really know how to build the bed but got some inspiration from pictures on the internet. If you have the right tools it really isn’t difficult to do. You just need some creativity and tools. We used the following materials:

  • wood pallet
  • screws (size depends on the thickness of the wood)
  • sander
  • decoupling saw ( you also hire this machine)
  • metal connecting brackets (again size and amount depends on the thickness of the wood)
  • hammer
  • nails
  • tapeline
  • old wood leftovers to disassemble the pallet
  • leftover laminate flooring
  • a pencil

There are so many ways you can make a dog bed out of wood pallets that nothing really can go wrong. However, I wanted Bobby’s bed to be big enough so that he can fully stretch inside it. I also wanted it to have some side panels where he could lean against. He loves to lean against objects whilst sleeping so the bed definitely should provide that. Also, I wanted the bed to stand on legs so that he wouldn’t lie on the cold floor during the winter months. With these criteria in mind, we started to disassemble the pallet by first cutting out the base. We used the decoupling saw which made it very very easy! Of course, you can use a regular saw but it will take you more time, energy and makes it more difficult to saw in a straight line.

Instead of filling the gaps in between the planks with other wood planks I decided to nail some leftover laminate flooring to the wood pallet. Laminate is not only easier to clean but it is so much faster than dismantling the pallet to reuse other wood planks. Besides, I needed some of the wood planks for the side panels.

Next, I chose the best-looking wood pallet planks and sawed them into the right length. It was quite difficult to remove the planks from the pallet without breaking them. We used some thick old wood planks and placed them under the plank we wanted to remove. That way we created a lever effect and could easily remove the plank by hammering on the plank next to it. Before attaching the planks to the base I sanded them to make them softer. It also made the wood look beautiful. I didn’t use any colouring or lac, this is the natural colour of the wood. I am really happy with it. Metal connecting brackets were used to attach the wood planks to each other and the base. You have them in all kinds of shapes and sized and they also make the dog bed sturdier.



Bobby is very happy with his bed and I really hope that he will not secretly sleep on our couch when we are at work. Since he only does it during the winter months I hope that thi bed will be good enough and keep him warm. There is even enough space enough to add some extra cushions or blankets haha



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